On this page I will ask you what you think about different topics. More than one person may answer a question since you are sharing your opinion. There are no right or wrong answers.

What is your favorite subject in school and what makes it your favorite subject?

I like social studies because you get to do art projects, make up plays and still learn all at the same time!!!!

Is it always good to help someone who asks for help?

No. I would first see if I knew the person, because it could be someone bad. I would not always help someone that asks for help. ~waiter903

I think that sometimes we can help someone by letting them help themselves.
Mrs. B

How would you feel about going on a mission to outer space?
I would feel excited about going on a mission to space because I would get to see all of; Jupiter, the sun, the stars, the moon, Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Earth. I would also feel scared because something might happen to the space ship, or there might be a meteor shower, or maybe another problem. It would be incredible, but it would still be scary.

~ Samsters54

I would feel like a balloon dancing in outer space. But also I would be a little bit scared because the things that can happen in outer space. Even though one of my dreams is imposible I'll still say it: I would dance on the stars jump from one to another. I'd have alot of fun if i would go on mission to outer space!


If you could live on one of the islands we have been studying in class, which would you choose and why?

If I could live on an island,I would live on Australia.I would live there because they speak English there,but I need to learn their accent. There are also animals there you can't see here.

If I'd go on to any of the islands that we have been studying in class, it would have to be Austrailia. Because i have always wanted to go to Austrailia,and I have always ate a lot of there food.

I'd live on Hawaii because it's peaceful, warm, and they have good food!