I am going to start a story below. Everyone is invited to add a line, or more, to my story. Let's see how creative we can be!
Mrs. Barwick

Once upon a time, in a far off village in England, there lived a little old man and his wife. They lived in a tiny hut on the edge of the forest. They were quite happy living a simple life, but they started feeling as though something was missing. Each day the old woman tended her garden, cooked the meals, and straightened their home. As the woman tended to her chores, her husband went into the forest to cut down trees, which was the way he made his living. Every night, as they sat in their comfy chairs by a crackling fire drinking coffee, they discussed the emptiness they felt. One night, the woman declared, "We must have a child!". The man choked on his coffee. He then said, "A CHILD???!!!! You must be out of your mind! We are older now. We are 65 and 66 years old!" But as time grew the man was now longing to have a child. So the next day they went to an orphanage nearby. They found a little boy that they dearly loved at the first sight of him. They took him as their own. They named him Louie.

Soon after they got him, he began crying. "What shall we do?" asked the man shaking his head as though he was out of ideas. "Maybe his diaper is... well... filled," admitted the woman. They eventually figured out how to change Louie's diaper and never had that problem again. But then he began crying again, but it wasn't his diaper it was because his foot was caught in his blanket and he couldn't release it. The woman and the man pulled and pulled but it wouldn't let go. They turned to hear an old scratchy voice behind them. "Well well well. It is true that you've gotten a son!"They were very scared. It was the woman's sister. She had glued Louie's foot to the banket. She poured hot water over Louie's foot so that the glue would melt. Louie was crying harder now beause the water had burnt him. The sister hated the husband. She also loved making everybody mad. So the evil sister (who was named Helga) took Louie away! The woman and the man cried and cried for they did not know where Louie was- or what Helga was doing to him. But Helga was having a good time as she took Louie to a casino to hit the slots! A man got a jackpot! "If you get another jackpot I'll trade you this baby for the money." stated Helga as she held up Louie. " Deal." murmured the man. He pulled the lever and got a jackpot. He took Louie and ran away. He was actually an undercover agent... he worked for the man and his wife. He went back to their house gave them the baby, went to the bank to put the money in his account and all of a sudden he heard a loud BOOM! This time Helga was going too far. She tried to steal Louie again! But the agent defended the baby. " I know lots of combat." said the agent. "I've won black-belt championships in karate 3 years in a row!" "You did? Well I won 100 years of war", said Helga. "Nice try kid," said the agent. "Kid?" said Helga. So the agent pulled the mask off of Helga and she died.

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Joe and the Storm

Once upon a time there was an old man named Joe. Every day Joe would run from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. One day Joe was running, when he got lost. He ran and ran trying to get back home, but he just got more lost and he saw his watch said 10:30. He panicked for a little when a storm hit. He was never found again. Some say he still runs, but only on the dark and scary nights. Others say he just sank into the ground.

- waiter903
external image 312923882_b887a9435b_m.jpg Is this Joe? if it is i am very freaked out!! ~italiangal What kind of monkey is this?!- tennisgirl It's Joe!! ~waiter903

Bob the bob.

Have you ever heard of the word bob? A bob is a person who is really stupid. The word bob used to be a name but now it’s a word. The government named it after a man named Bob Balloon. Bob Balloon didn’t even know what his name is. Bob never passed preschool. At the age of 147 bob was still trying to learn how to count from 1-5. He was also still learning how to sing the ABC’s, how to be potty trained and how to walk, talk and crawl. This is how he sings his ABC’s; G W T X H J H D W O U B S A D F X V H LU E Q E R D F S A G H N B V C K I O P I U Y T N M K LG Y H D E Y O Y W K F S H K V W U R G T S. He counts like this: 8 4 7 4 0 4 2 4 3 4 6 4 1 4 6 4 9 4 3 4 2 4 1 4 3 4 5 4 7 4 9 4 0 4. Yesterday, Bob was elected stupidest person on the face of the earth. Here is what Bob said after he got elected. “ Jzrhtzsuhgu hbfgy zgy 6ft jgzdfhuighadu dzjgtaey sdhzgfu segUtr u6ghdF HZDFUY6J udfgtu jzsdfhuyua zdgh dfhbgh ndf!!!!!! ”

- Samsters54

The Rainforest Alive

Once in a rainforest there lived a man that was not afraid of anything. So one dark, cold day he decided to go for a walk. He walked and walked until he got to a waterfall. He could hear the rushing water going down, down, down, down and splash, splash, splash. So he kept on walking and walking until he came to these dead trees that looked like faces on them. So he walked under them cautiously. Then while he was walking he heard a ''CHEE, CHEE, CHEE''! Then the man gasped! A gigantic crow was right in front of him! ''AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH''! the man yelled. He started to run past the creepy trees! Past the rushing waterfall! And then ''CHEGOLP''.