By: Samsters54

Don't throw away recyclable items,

They go into landfills,

Don't put them in that place.

The garbage dump is getting full,

We're running out of space.

Recycling, Recycling, that sounds great to me,

Recycle, because it is so easy.

Recycle every night and day,

So you don't have to throw as many things away.

The Moon

Glistening in the sky
Bright white
Follow the path way
To a magical land


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Blistering Blizzards

Snowflakes shining
Dogs whining
Blizzards pouring
The old man snoring
Fireplaces gleaming
Chimneys steaming
School canceled all throughout
Kids playing all about

Taybeau7 and Tinky

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Sports Poem

Balls flying all around
Players sliding
Balls being kicked
Homers being hit
Ump's calling
Fan's bawling when their team loses
Teams winning and losing
By: waiter903, Coconean, and Cardinalshimie

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Rainforest Poem

Wind blowing
Trees swaying
Frogs hopping
Snakes slithering
Birds chirping
Rainforest sounds all around
By: waiter903

Winter is...........

sipping hot chocolate by a blazing fire.
snowmen, forts and snow angels.
skiing down a slippery mountain.
a nice change from the heat of summer!

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Clowns are colorful
Clowns have big shoes
Clowns have a big red nose
Clowns can blow up balloons
Clowns can do funny dances
Clowns can juggle three balls
Clowns are funny

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Soda soda soda pop
soda soda soda pop
Yea go soda soda soda pop!

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Colors of Nature

The moon, silver,
The grass, green,
The sky, blue,
The sun, gold,
The soil, brown,
The planets, blue, purple, orange, red, yellow and green
The stars, silver,
The leaves, green,
The flowers, every color of the rainbow.

By Samster54

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Walk of the Woods

Trees swaying
Bird’s caying
Genteel breeze of the wind
Deer watching me from the places they hid


World of my Home

So many cultures to decide
So many places to divide
So many places for my home
So many people I am not alone


School Days

Woke up on a sunny day and remembered it is a school day
Slipped on my sneakers ran to school
Got there right on the bell
Math, social studies, la
Got an apple on my desk ready for my test


Haiku by tennisgirl:
There is humid air,
You are in the rainforest,
Birds are calling you.
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Haiku by Samsters54:
You hear birds chirping,
You hear the lion's loud roar,
You hear the forest.

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Haiku by italiangal55555:
You feel a cool breeze,
You see animals playing,
You see trees swaying.

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Poem by Gummyzone:
A whoosh
and a wave
and a call
from a bird
A cry
from a lion
and a purr
from a panther

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Poem by Coconean
When you go to the rainforest
You hear...
Birds chirping
Jaguars roaring
You see...
Monkeys hanging
Eagles flying
Trees growing
People living
You smell...
Flowers blooming
Use your senses in the rainforest.

external image 174585325_e673557caf_m.jpg Thanks to Fordan for this picture taken in Australia.

Frogs By: Tinky

lay eggs
all sizes come to mind!

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