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Do you know why I'm fat and mad? One day McDonalds was giving away 999,999,999 chicken nuggets. So I went to buy a ticket. My ticket reads staples. Staples, airplane, you lose, and propel could be on your card. A guy announced if you have staples you advance to next round. 64 people advance to the next round. I was one of them. The next round was rock, paper, scissors, shoot. I won in that round. Next was the not funny laughing contest. If you laugh you lost. The last 8 people would go to the final round. So I went to sleep and I still won in that round. The final round... the battle of the bladders. Whoever could drink the most Coke and not use the bathroon would win. Drinking 10 gallons of coke was tiring so I went to sleep. No one even drank 1 gallon. I woke up and I won! I was so happy I ate all of the chicken nuggets in 2 bite. So thats why I'm fat and because I'm fat, I'm mad!

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Best of 2006: Music
Rock Top Picks Picked By: Greg Kot
Mission of Burma
Jenny Lewis
Lupe Fiasco
Parts and Labor
Tom Waits
Ghostface Killah
TV on the Radio
Art Brut
Gnarls Barkley

By: waiter903

Is there a never ending chain of mailmen delivering mail to other mailmen that goes forever and ever and ever??? -tennisgirl

Some mailmen deliver their own mail. ~Samsters54

Didn't Spongebob ask a mailman that?

BEST TEACHER IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MRS. BARWICK By:Tinky