Let's see if we can find one endangered rainforest animal for each letter of the alphabet. If you find out why the animal is endangered you may include that information, too. See my example.

http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/rnfrst_animal_page.htm This may help.

external image 207836370_501760ba77_m.jpg Thanks to Deestea for this picture.

A'ka-Found in rainforest's of Africa and Madagascar. They are endangered because of poachers.

Bengal Tigers-poachers

Crested Shelduck-Family of the Anatidae, found in Eastern Asia

Dama Mesopotamicus-endangered because of poaching.

Egil-endangered because of interacts with men.

Fin Whale-grow up to 80 feet long(26 Yards and 2 feet)

Golden Lion Tamarin-endangered because of fractured subpopulations.

Hawaiian Crow-Their family is the Passeriformes, They are found in Hawaii.

Javan Rhino-Only 60 left!!!!!

Koala- Disease called chlamydia (cloo-mid-ee-oo) is killing them.

Lemur - Trees are being cut down and predators are eating the lemurs.

Marine Otter-endangered because of population declining by 50%.

Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat-Population is under 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orangutan- are being hunted for food.

Panda- bamboo forests are being cut down and pandas eat bamboo.

Qgo- endangered because of poachers

Right Whale-Once the most hunted whale,but now protected by law.

Sumatran Tiger-Only 200 Left.

Tiger-endangered because of population declining by 50%.

Uakari-has a baby every year.

Vari-endangered because of deforesting.

White-winged Duck- Endangered because estimated population is less than 2500.

Xiao Yun Bao-endangered because of poaching.

Yakeil-Extinct in highland areas but still alive in New Guinea